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Gail knows that amazing marriages emerge from within each enlightened person. As a Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life coach, Gail Crowder helps couples and individuals manage their time, resources, and improve the quality of their marriage.

With Gail’s help, couples and wives rejuvenate their marriages and increase intimacy, love and sex between them. The outcome is a more meaningful, loving connection. Gail teaches you can have sensual and satisfying marriage without losing yourself or what makes you happy. To learn Gail’s story, click here.

How I Strengthen Marriages

Whether you are a couple, a wife or an organizations that supports and nurtures healthy marriages, Gail has resources and tools available for you. Choose any of the options below to find out what she has in store for you.

How I Assist InSaving Marriages

Marriage is sacred, wonderful, but it is not easy. Just like the ups and downs of life, marriage experiences can sometime knock your down. With on-demand courses, books and other resources that deal with the most common challenges facing marriages, couples and wives.

Featured Book

“When I first said ‘Keep Your Legs Open’ as final advice to wives on a show about love and relationships, I didn’t think the response would be so big. Husbands were cheering me on while wives had mixed emotions – from a little excitement to disappointment, even anger. I knew then that wives needed guidance on the importance of sexual satisfaction, not just for the health of their marriage, but for their overall fullness of life. That's why I wrote this guide!” – Gail Crowder

keep your legs open book

Keep Your Legs Open

Simple solutions to bring passion, creativity, and better sex into your marriage. Order it now!

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