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3 Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

Signs that your marriage is in trouble Body Language Do you see how Mrs. Trump is not reaching out, leaning toward or doing anything affectionate toward him? When you are in the public eye and you still don’t want to even touch your husband for the cameras??? OUCH! Remember 60% percent (some studies say 93%) … Read More

9 Toxic Behaviors that Could Be Ruining Your Relationship

9 Toxic Behaviors that Could Be Ruining Your Relationship This article with the same title was written by Lauren Schumaker and originally published by Insider Magazine. I was quoted in this article and wanted to share it with all of you. ================== At the very beginning of a new relationship, it’s not uncommon for people … Read More

Sex Therapy: How to Handle 9 Super-Common Sexual Incompatibilities

This article was published by STYLECASTER on 5/3/18 I was a contributor in this article It’s never fun to face awkwardness in the bedroom with someone you’re really into, whether it’s a new fling or a stable relationship. You might be wondering: If we don’t click physically, can we really have a future? What’s the … Read More

Mother’s Day Wisdom

Best Life Tips in Honor of My Late Mother Although this isn’t the first Mother’s Day without my mom, I see this year as the first Mother’s Day without her. On March 24, 2017, my precious, stubborn, tough-loving mother Sharron J. White passed away. Last year’s Mother’s Day? I was still in shock. I was … Read More

How To Maintain A Healthy Sex Life

This article was published in Female First.Co.Uk Create a fantasy first in your mind. What IS a healthy sex life? A healthy sex life combines physical and emotional well-being of both partners into an enjoyable experience. For couples that are looking to maintain a healthy sex life, you need to know that it takes some … Read More

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