Intimacy, Love & Sex 8-week program

Were you part of the Fifty Shades phenom? No judgment here, but I knew a lot of good upstanding Christian wives hiding those books in the bathroom and getting really excited with the fantasies of romance, passion and mind blowing sex. Go ahead. It’s ok! Admit it. Even if you didn’t read the book or if you were too afraid or uptight to watch the movies, you still heard about it, right?

Why does crazy, exciting romance and mind blowing sex only exist in fiction?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. See I wasn’t surprised that women of all backgrounds were trying to get into Fifty Shades especially wives. In this society wives are made to see themselves as neglected, less desirable, frumpy or unlikeable. Think about the ball and chain or the nagging wife with the finger pointed at her husband and one hand on her hip. You know the images. Time out for that.

I have created this program to kick the nagging, frumpy wife and boring married sex to the curb.

And I am not afraid to take a stand. For 30 years, I have been married to the same man and have gone through every aspect of marriage – the highs and the lows. I mean real low. In the midst of my own experiences, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Did you hear that? You are not alone. The hundreds of wives that I work with deal with the issues of this course EVERY DAY in their marriage. Their husband seems distant and not connected. Intimacy. Issues from the past keep coming up and making you or him doubt that you even love each other at all. Yup, it happens. And you have gone from sex regularly to uh…sex when you kinda feel like and the kids are sound to sleep and you only have 3 minutes before you fall asleep and…yeah you see sex as a chore like getting your oil changed or going to the dentist. YIKES!

In just 8 weeks, I can turn your marriage right side up and put your sex life on fire!

Are you serious about no more boring sex and disconnected marriage? I hope you are because I am serious about fixing it with you. This self-directed program consists of 8 video sessions with me where I address each matter in in the order it should be address. Some of you are surprised that intimacy comes first.

Weeks 1 & 2 – INTIMACY

What is true intimacy and how to have and maintain it in your marriage?

True intimacy is about getting rid of the protective layers and revealing yourself to someone you love. Sex and intimacy are not the same. You can have sex without intimacy, and intimacy without sex. Ideally, you have both in your relationship.

  • Learn the 5 stages of True Intimacy
  • What are Intimacy Intruders and how to avoid them
  • How to achieve emotional intimacy in your relationship


Weeks 3 & 4 – LOVE

What is True Love and do I have it or can I achieve it in my relationship?

Tina Turner asked the classic question – What’s love got to do with it? Not many people are lucky enough to experience true love. For most people it’s not believed to be real, but in reality there is true love just many don’t have it.

  • Discover basic signs of true love
  • How to define love that you give and the love you receive
  • Learn the complexities of love and how to develop the love you desire


Week 5 – The Love Dare

Participants in Intimacy Love and Sex will have a group assignment to watch the movie Fireproof.  After the movie, I will host a discussion on a live Q & A call. Also, during this week, I will introduce and have the participants start the Love Dare challenge?)


Weeks 6 & 7 SEX

What is sex to a marriage and how to have mind blowing sex regularly

In most cases, we didn’t start having sex with God’s plans for sex in mind. Because it is difficult, even in marriage, to discuss sexual desires without feeling shame. In this week, you will learn how to overcome the shame or the stigma around “talking dirty” and get to know your spouses wants and needs.

  • Develop tools for determining healthy sexual interaction
  • How to share and receive areas of improvement surround sex
  • Open discussion about sexual wants and needs between spouses


Week 8 – Putting It All Together

Just like building blocks, when all of the pieces are put together, a masterpiece is formed. Your marriage is going to be transformed by putting what you have learned about intimacy, love and sex together. Unlike other programs, you are going to get a customized game plan.



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