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About Dr. Gail

Dr. Gail knows that amazing marriages emerge from within each enlightened person. As a Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life coach, Dr. Gail Crowder helps couples and individuals manage their time, resources, and improve the quality of their marriage.

With Dr. Gail’s help, couples and wives rejuvenate their marriages and increase intimacy, love and sex between them. The outcome is a more meaningful, loving connection. Dr. Gail teaches you can have sensual and satisfying marriage without losing yourself or what makes you happy. To learn Dr. Gail’s story click Here.

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“A Great Marriage Doesn’t Happen Because Of Love You Had In The Beginning But How Well You CONTINUE To Build Love Until The End”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether you are searching Relationship Coaching for a particular difficulty in your marriage or to improve your life in general, Dr. Gail is highly skilled and professional to help you reach your goals.

By increasing your self-awareness and self-acceptance, coaching helps you work on a specific difficulty as well as reach your full potential. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, failure or that there is something wrong with you; self-development and confronting your difficulties requires courage and is the biggest gift you can give yourself and your marriage.

Yes! Absolutely. I welcome working with couples who want to start off on a solid foundation.

Our fees range depending on the amount of sessions.  We recommend scheduling a Free Discovery Call so we can find out more specifics about your relationship needs. 

Each person/ couple is different. Each situation is different. When we look at our numbers we would estimate that most people/ couples do somewhere between 4 to 6 sessions. Some people/couples do a lot more and some people/ couples do less but that seems to be the range.

We start with weekly sessions.

We’ve found that it works faster if you schedule a Free Discovery Call (Here)  That way you can pick a time and day that works for both of us. Because our scheduler will show you the dates and time we are available.  When you reach out to us our goal is simple: We want to get you talking with Gail as quickly as possible!

Yes! All of our sessions are (online video) this helps people/ couples feel more comfortable and safe in their own home or personal environment.

Your initial visit and intake session is typically 60 minutes. We will confirm the specific time when you schedule your first appointment. Ongoing sessions will be 45-60 minutes in length.

No relationship is perfect. Life coaching and counseling can help a relationship if the couples are honest with each other and if they are open to change. An effort is wasted when the intention of one partner is not aligned with the other. If it goes unresolved, its effect is so pervasive that it can ruin lives and can put individuals, couples and families at a major disadvantage. With a professional counselor or licensed clinical expert who provides counselling, everything can fall into the right place.

With a marriage counselor or marriage therapist, around 70% of marriages seeking for help lead to being saved. More than half of couples and families who sought marriage counseling say that  it resolved nearly all of their major problems.

A couples counselor will require commitment and communication between and among the individuals who stand affected by the individual and family differences of the spouses.

The marriage counseling professional (family therapist or life coach) will encourage each person to share and discuss their contributions to the issues relating to marriage and family. It doesn’t matter if individuals and couples seek to resolve it in-person or via online counseling but as long as they seek for help early on, counseling can really prove helpful for them.

The couples should be prepared before going into couples counseling. To determine if the couple is prepared, they should first have some level of self-awareness. When a person is self-aware, he or she can fully accept his limitations and flaws. Marriage counselors are mostly adept with methods and special process as cognitive behavioral therapy, Christian counseling, life coaching, sliding scale behavioral health and whatnot and so they can easily detect limitations, flaws and lack of self-awareness.


Second, when problems are spotted, the couple should not wait too long to go to couples counseling or couple therapy. Waiting too long may make a small crack split into unmendable parts. Third, they should set boundaries with friends and family’s opinions. They should be informed that they may have their own opinions but these are not their decision to make. Lastly, the couple should find a life coach or marriage counselor with whom both are comfortable with and the type of therapy they wish to start with (whether it’s in-person or online therapy).

In your first marriage counseling session, the therapist will observe and assess your situation together. Some counselors and therapists in Frederick, MD, would require individual sessions for each of the couple. The counselor can also determine at this stage whether there would be a need to see an assistance from a clinical social therapist, anger management professional and/or social worker. Most often, an expert counselor will prepare, during this session, an environment where you and your partner can express your feelings and thoughts.

For couples to get the best of relationship counseling, they are expected to give it their best effort and should be open to receive personal and professional advice whether they’re undergoing family therapy or individual treatment.

According to John Gottman, there are 4 factors in the Gottman method that make couples fall apart. These issues that lead to breakup include defensiveness, contempt, criticism, and stonewalling. Since all couples and families have conflict, it is through the management and coping that determines whether the couple can move past their problems, anxiety and depression or will just fail in the process.

Marriage counselors often try to gauge if partners are still willing to participate in resolving the individual or family issues at hand. They will likewise look into distrust, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, other accumulated hurts, and ongoing conflicts. The counselor or the marriage and family therapist with then get to the heart of the matter and focus on building trust and healing.

It is also important to seek help from a marriage counselor with an open mind. Counselors often use an evidence-based plan in their effort save the marriage. Activities on this plan may involve a combination of communication exercises, referral to healthcare providers, trying new solutions or simply allowing the couples do their homework.

The best part of accepting and practicing change is how it becomes easier over time. Couples develop new solutions and methods to at least prevent major conflicts and help them navigate through life transitions. In time, the couple becomes more understanding of each other and will get the best out of the couples or family counseling.



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