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10 COVID-19 Friendly Summer Date Ideas

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Summer has arrived, it brings with it more daylight, warmer weather, and plenty of outdoor entertainment offerings — all good news if you’re looking for summer date ideas, with social distancing. 

Of course, picnics are always fun but I have rounded up some additional warm weather activities to inspire you and your husband to get out and enjoy the weather  but remain safe.

  1. Find a Drive-In

If you live somewhere with a drive-in, there’s no better summer date spot: You can snuggle in as the sun sets and watch a movie — or two — against the backdrop of the stars.

  1. Find A Bike Trail

You’ll feel like a kid again and get a shot of mood-boosting endorphins from breaking a sweat. Find a route where you can take in some gorgeous scenery.

  1. Pick Some “FINE” Fruit

Going to the farmers’ market is great. Going to a farm and picking your own fruit? That’s next-level awesomeness. Once you’ve picked your bounty, go home and cook something together.

  1. Outdoor Brunch With Your Love

Get to a restaurant early so you can snag a spot on the patio, or if you’re in the mood to stay in, make your own mimosas and coffee at home.

  1. Sunset To Sunrise

Okay, a sunrise might be a bit ambitious, but you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset anywhere you live.

  1. Ice Cream, Anyone?

Ice cream, gelato, soft serve, frozen yogurt with all the toppings — why settle for one when you can have them all? If you pace yourself right, you can literally have the sweetest day ever.

  1. Put On Your Hiking Boots

It’s the perfect way to challenge and bond with your spouse. Once you make it to the top, you’ll love taking in the view with one another.

  1. Upgrade Your Basket (Picnic Basket That Is)

It may not be the most inventive summer date idea, but picnic food is downright delicious. Make your spread as simple or elaborate as you’d like but may we suggest including fresh fruit, cheese, crusty bread, and wine?

  1. Get On The Water

Sailing, boating, kayaking, or stand-up paddle-boarding — there are a million ways to have fun on the water, even if you’re nowhere near the ocean. Visit a local lake or river near you.

  1. Romance Under The Stars

There’s something totally romantic about marveling over the stars and planets together. Bring a telescope and see which constellations you can spot!

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Have great summer!