10 Sexy Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Bedroom

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The 10 things every woman should have in her bedroom includes the following:

    1. Sexy Pantie: A fun night with your husband doesn’t require any garments except this.
    2. A Long Sheer Scarf…for tying: This should be self-explanatory
    3. Candles: Nothing changes the mood of a room like candles. Some stores offer candles that double as warm massage oil.
    4. Oil: Many great sexual encounters start with a massage.

  1. Something sweet…edible lube, whipped cream, chocolate: Foreplay is the most important part of love-making.
  2. Something a little painful… a leather cat of nine tails or a thin belt. Be gentle.
  3. A removable Canopy: These can be purchased from most linen stores. If you’re pampering your husband for the night, nothing will make him feel more kingly than a sheer canopy.
  4. Lots of pillows…for propping…and biting.
  5. Something that Vibrates…Nothing like some extra help to spice up the night.
  6. Linen Spray…A good sensual experience utilizes all of the senses. Don’t forget the sense of smell!