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12 Me Time Ideas, For Busy Wives

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As wives and moms, we are expected to care for our children, keep the household running smoothly, and be a jack of all trades. With all of these responsibilities, it is so important for us to carve out time for ourselves; especially during the summer months. Go ahead, take a few minutes or even a few hours and indulge in some “Me Time” activities.

Over the years I have learned why self-care is so important. It’s not about abandoning responsibilities; it’s about taking care of my mind, body, and spirit, so I can adequately care for the ones I love. If you can’t take a weekend trip; try carving out some alone time to enjoy the things that make you happy such as reading, exercising, going to lunch with a friend, running errands alone, or even just taking a lazy day.

Here are some ideas to enjoy your “Me Time” experience. (If you want, hubby can come along too!)

  1. Go on a getaway with your spouse – without the kids. Whether it’s a half-day, overnight trip or full-on vacation. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Take a long nap.
  3. Call a friend or family member and make reservations at your favorite restaurant.
  4. Sit in your favorite chair or relax outside and listen to your favorite music and enjoy a glass of wine or two.
  5. Buy something just for you. Treat yourself to a new dress or a scented candle etc.
  6. Take a Yoga or Exercise class.
  7. Catch up on a favorite television show or movie.
  8. Make an appointment at a spa. Treat yourself to a facial, manicure, or pedicure. Heck or get them all!
  9. Use the opportunity to do nothing.
  10. Spend some alone time with your spouse.
  11. Attack a small project– hanging up those picture frames you bought last week, rearrange your home office, start an herb garden, etc.
  12. Read that book or magazine that you put on your to-read list. (Ahem, like Keep Your Legs Open: A Wives’ Guide to Sexual Satisfaction) To Purchase

How do you make time for yourself during summer? Only you can answer that question. But what I know for sure is that “ME” time is definitely needed.

Enjoy your summer!