15 Minute Discovery Call - Marriage Counseling in Frederick MD

Just 15 Minutes!

Hello Beautiful Lady,  

Thanks so much for clinking on the link and landing on this page. Because somewhere in your journey you showed some interest in saving, strengthening or celebrating your marriage.

If that’s you (and I hope it is because I don’t like to waste my time or yours), then give me just 15 minutes.


Just . 

Time me.

I’m under pressure like everyone else to make sure that you get the info on intimacy, love and sex that YOU must want because…

It’s what I do.

But you’re in overwhelm mode.

Skipping through your social media like you don’t want to be bothered mode.

And you’re probably doing that in your marriage.

Here’s where I can help. 

I  hold 15 min discovery calls from 9:00am EST to 5:00PM EST  Monday through Thursdays.  For those of you who feel that you just need to get a little help or advice you need in your marriage!   I had to reach out years ago and get advice on my own marriage to shift my marriage relationship from the brink of divorce TWICE (yes I was a hot mess) Gil and I recommitted ourselves to our marriage years ago  and are enjoying every day together.   

You've Got Choices

Dance class, 

Sports or martial arts lessons.

tutoring classes. 

Half Day in the hair and nail salon.

The usual.


–or you can be a busy wife who has a lot going on AND MAKE 15 minutes for your marriage. 

I will make the choice even easier.

This 15 minute call is NO COST to you and from the COMFORT of YOUR OWN Phone.

Dr. Gail Crowder


What are you waiting for?

It takes  one extra kiss to ask hubby to watch the kids while you slide away with your phone or to go sit in your car to learn what it takes to move your Marriage from a Mess to…

Wooo honey…I want to stay in this.

We can make this work.

You can Book your Free Discovery Call  here:  CLICK HERE

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Client Reviews

After listening and speaking with Gail I felt that the direction I needed to go in had been made clearer. My journey with establishing a real relationship with God began. I now have the tools to keep my head up in the mist of all my trials, tribulations, and circumstances that I face in my life. The restored love in our marriage and my renewed health I give thanks to God. And I thank Gail for steering me in the direction of not giving up on my marriage, showing me how to embrace all of circumstances, and for keeping me and my marriage lifted up in prayer.
The One Sexy Wife
A. Barrett
Since attending the conference and participating in the wife coaching program with Gail Crowder or I have more self confidence in myself as a woman and I have learned how to let God created me to be the wife that he has designed for me to be to my husband. I am in a daily pursuit to be the best wife that I can be to my husband. I have gained so much confidence in myself personally that since participating in BSB and the wife coaching program with Gail I started my own business and my husband has joined as my partner.
The One Sexy Wife
T. S. Williams
I am truly grateful and appreciate Gail for working with me to get on the right track to improving my marriage. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is having issues, troubles, challenges, etc. in their marriage. In most cases, she has already experienced what many wives are going through and can shed some light on their situations and marriage. I thank God for placing me in the right place at the right time so that I would cross paths with this extraordinary woman and I thank her for her continuous prayers for my marriage and marriages worldwide.
The One Sexy Wife
L. Bates

P.S. Ok, it might be A Little More Than 15 MINUTES, but...it will be worth it right? you made it here and just think...you just added anniversaries to your marriage.


Talk To You Soon

Dr. Gail