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15 Minutes to Free Your Soul Through Meditation

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Every woman needs to be aware and in tune with her inner feelings. The process of meditation is the most natural way to achieve this connection. The effort you put into meditation will bring you great rewards. When you learn and practice the skills of meditation you’ll learn how to relieve the stress that keeps you from making bad decisions. Another benefit is that you will sleep better and have more energy. Your thoughts will be clearer and you will begin to think and act positively. There won’t be anything that you can’t achieve if you are willing to invest in you. You’ll learn that goals can and will be met to make you happier and give you better health. It only takes 15 minutes a day to practice.

Below are three simple steps for successful meditation:

Step One: Focus and Relax

Focus on something in your room by resting your body and mind. Relaxing will help to bring your body and mind together in a natural way; this is what you want – the body and mind to work in harmony. Focusing on one thing will help you to forget about everything that is going on around you. To meditate successfully you must eliminate distractions.

Step Two: Imagination

Imagine that you are off somewhere that you always wanted to go, e.g., taking a long trip where no one is around, just you and the breeze blowing through your hair. Using your imagination while focusing on that quiet place will enable your brain to relax thereby relieving stress and weariness from a long day.

Step Three: Take 15 minutes

In just 15 minutes, you can become more aware of your inner feelings and become aware of areas that need attention as a journey in self-development. Meditation and relaxation practice should be done at least once a day, twice if you can. By relaxing with meditation, you become more alert to situations as they occur.

Exercises: Write down your experience with meditation the first time. What was challenging for you, if anything? How did you feel after you were done? What would you like to remind yourself to do the next time (for example: go into a different room, choose a different time of day)?

Guided Relaxation through Meditation

When you guide your body and mind to relax, it helps you to meditate freely without hindrances and the anxiety you may feel inward when you are not relaxed. With guided relaxation, you will learn skills on how to relieve stress, reach goals, gain success, and make better decisions. You have a few options when considering guided relaxation through meditation.

The use of music

Music guided relaxation during meditation is a good way to develop practical meditation techniques. Music will make your body relax and you will feel the strain and the stress leave your body. Below are the necessary steps in using music.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can be alone. A dark room is my pick because it makes it easier to use your imagination and listen to the music at the same time.
  2. Lay down on your back with hands and feet out straight. Using your imagination, take yourself to place far away, a place where you’d like to go. Imagine the climate there. For instance, think about floating on a cloud. Watch the clouds moving around you and the wind blowing through your hair.
  3. Choose a soft, low sound for relaxation and rest. Listen to the music that is playing and let your toes float like they are leaving your body. Once your toes are fully relaxed, move to relaxing your feet, then keep moving upward in your body until your head is floating and catches up with the rest of your body. As you begin to relax, your body will start to feel weightless. You are getting feedback from your body and mind. Just let it go. Allow the music to take over your thought process and enjoy.

The Importance of Breathing

Sometimes we become so stressed, we aren’t able to carry out the tasks and plans for the day. Once stress becomes overwhelming, we lose motivation. You ever had someone tell you – Take a deep breath and relax. That’s because we need to keep the oxygen flowing through our bodies to relieve tension which shows up in headaches, backaches and sometimes depression.

It takes practice to learn to breathe and get the full benefits of breathing for relaxation. Don’t expect to see a 100% change in yourself fifteen minutes after you finish your first session. You will feel the difference as you practice and become more relaxed.

Find somewhere wherever it is quiet and peaceful. All you need is a little space. Make sure that your back is straight when you recline in a chair, on your bed, in the grass, or wherever you like. It is a known fact that sitting on the floor with legs under you is the best way to sit with back straight. By sitting straight, it keeps your mind from going to sleep once it begins to relax with you.

After finding the position and sitting arrangement, you want to be relaxed in, close your eyes. Focus your mind on breathing only. Focusing has a lot to do with meditation and with personal success.When you start to focus, breathe naturally.

Breathe slowly In and Out, In and Out letting your stomach move with you as you breathe in the air and let it out. Focusing on the air and your breathing. You should feel the air as it enters and leaves your body. If your mind wanders during this process it is ok but with practice, it will happen less often.

If after a few minutes you’re still having a hard time focusing on the breathing part, take a short break and make sure there aren’t any distractions around that may hinder this process. If you are not accustomed to being still, you may have to attempt this several times before you are successful. Stop and refocus on your breathing. Keep restarting until you begin to slow the mind down to focus on breathing only.

Once you begin to focus on breathing only, your mind relaxes to relieve stress and allows your inner self to feel and sense the pleasure of relaxation. Your inner thoughts will begin to quiet down as you focus on breathing. Stay awhile in the atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Don’t be surprised if time just flies. Be mindful of the time, maybe set an alarm clock so you don’t relax your way through an important meeting.

Fifteen minutes a day of focused breathing will give you the relaxation you need, along with more focus and fewer trips to the doctor.

How subliminal learning is beneficial

We can benefit from practicing subliminal learning. Since our unconscious state of mind houses information, knowledge, and details that help us to develop our skills, we grow as we get in touch with our subconscious mind. In this section, the goal is to unite the conscious mind with the subliminal mind. You can bring unity to both the conscious and subconscious mind subliminally by thinking positively.

Make a list of goals by digging deep into your inner self. Ask yourself, What can I do to feel better about myself? Now add to this list the necessary changes to improve yourself to reach these goals. Display the list out where you can see it like on a wall or mirror reminding you and reinforcing your brains thought patterns.

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Once you have created the list, you want to develop an affirmation from this list and then say it aloud in a low soft tone. By verbally repeating this affirmation, you will soon notice that instead of thinking negative thoughts, you will have developed a positive thinking mindset.

Discover your Inner Reservations

Inside your mind is a unique power that you must explore and harness so that you can overcome your dinner reservations. Initially, you may hesitate or become discouraged, but you will learn what obstacles have gotten in the way of your success. Once you get to the root cause or the root block, it becomes easier to resolve your problems.

Before we get started with meditative practices, let us start by exploring success. Many people fail because they fear success. That fear comes from many sources, which we must explore in our mind to find the answers. In short, many define success by accomplishments which come from our efforts. Yet success is more than this. Success is the moments in life that make us a winner and we get feelings, sensations that cause us to feel confident. Thus, our self-esteem soars to the sky, our confidence increases, and we take our reservations and turn them into a willingness to continue in our success.

Success is nothing to fear. In summary, our body and mind reforms to a certain mindset based on how we program it. Our mind is a powerful tool that can grow accustomed to, either positively or negatively, sensations and information stored within us. The key is to connect with your body and mind; the two working harmoniously together to adapt to the process of relaxation. This is what success is all about.

Before you can become successful, however, you need goals. Goals give you direction and encourage you to thrive toward a workable plan. When you set goals, you set your mind toward your desired results. However, if you do not take time to explore your thoughts in meditation, despite how rich or successful you become, you will not have inner peace.

The benefits of writing

Did you know that writing is the ultimate tool that will help you reduce stress, develop new skills, and meditate often? If you didn’t know, practice writing your feelings and thoughts for a few minutes each day and check your results. Get a journal or spiral notebook to jot down your thoughts daily. Place one beside your bed or favorite quiet place. Keep a pocket size journal or notepad in your purse to make note of things that may come up at any given moment. You will feel amazed at what benefits you gain by writing your thoughts down each day. We can use the information to learn something new about ourselves and to guide us in our meditation exercises.

Writing helps you to explore feelings you left behind. You can write to discover information stored in your hidden mind, i.e. your subconscious mind. You have messages that hide and trigger your emotions. You may wonder why you are angry, sad, et cetera. When you write, however, you will discover the cause by meditating on your thoughts.Through this discovery process, the information gained will help you take the next step, and it holds the key to helping you find causes to your problems. When you find the cause, you can use your creative mind to find solutions to resolve those problems.

If you are overwhelmed, sit down, write your feelings and thoughts for a few minutes, and then meditate on what you learn. You will feel relief from the stress and your mind will open up to new ideas. These new ideas will benefit you in many ways. Get started by using the pages in the back of the book.