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3 Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

Signs that your marriage is in trouble

Body Language

Do you see how Mrs. Trump is not reaching out, leaning toward or doing anything affectionate toward him? When you are in the public eye and you still don’t want to even touch your husband for the cameras??? OUCH! Remember 60% percent (some studies say 93%) of communication is non-verbal.

Physical Distance

You are sitting on the couch. The moment your spouse sits down next to you, you move to the chair? Yeah. You have some issues. Melania is not even walking toward her husband. She is quite far from him and doesn’t appear to care.

Lack of acknowledgement

How many times has President Trump been on the mic and didn’t acknowledge his wife? Out of respect, you acknowledge your spouse as a sign of honor and adoration. President Trump appears to love Twitter more than Melania!

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