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5 Ways to Create Perfect Fall Romantic Memories

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A fall foliage tour is a romantic getaway worth your consideration. Witnessing the transition of leaves from gorgeous greens to opulent oranges and dazzling browns is a testament to God’s beauty, but it is also a treat you can adore and explore with your husband.

You and your beau can spend a few nights in a peaceful Inn or plan a one-day exploration (picnic and long make-out session included) somewhere off an old country road in a peek-a-boo park.

Regardless of your stay or visit, the key to a romantic getaway is planning the details. Here are a few tips to ensure excellent execution towards your next romantic memory:

  1. Be sure to research up to three locations. Visit the location’s websites, and use tools such as Trip Advisor and Yelp to read what others have to say. Once you decided upon a location research the area to see if there are any local packages. Sometimes the Inns will offer special rates and packages that could include horseback riding, wine tasting or even vouchers to local restaurants.
  2. Be sure to use Google Maps to research what else is going on in the area. Making a quick stop to a vintage shop, a gallery or a local ice cream shop could be the icing on the cake!
  3. Lastly, what is a romantic getaway without any romance? Be sure to stuff a few tricks up your sleeve! Maybe a blindfold for the picnic. Use the blindfold to cover his eyes and feed him the delicious delights you thoughtfully packed- surprising him with your tongue ever so often. If you’re staying overnight, a new piece of lingerie, a new thong or just a bottle of oil are must-haves. When the lights go out at bedtime, you have to change into something sexy. If you want to be super sexy while saving a few dollars, we recommend going with the oil. Plus, a bottle of oil is one size fits all and you can wear that every night!

Enjoy playing with Gods created nature!