Are You Building Bridges Or Walls With Your Husband ?

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“My husband does not talk to me,” is the most common complaint of the majority of American wives. On the other hand, it has been claimed that “100% of the people seeking professional help for their marriages have problems in communication.”

In this day and age when we have multiple tools to communicate effectively, most husbands and wives are unable to successfully communicate their feelings at any given moment.

Do you feel you’re not able to communicate freely with your spouse?

Communication is a rich and powerful source of blessing. Our communication skills help create the meaningful relationships each of us desires so deeply. 

Since we all want to share our life, our dreams, and our plans with our spouses. And at the same time, we want to be heard and understood. It is very important that we communicate our feelings, thoughts, and emotions without hesitation. The lack of communication only multiplies our problems as it destroys bridges over which we build our relationships.

There are many stumbling blocks in life that can trip us up if we are not paying attention, and lack of communication is one of them.

When you feel like shutting out, tempted to build a wall or erect a fence after a major disagreement with your husband, look for ways to connect, consider building a bridge. Though it may seem impossible, in the long run, it will strengthen your bond and bring you closer to your partner like never before.

Here’s a beautiful poem showing the power communication holds in a relationship.

“A Wall or a Bridge.”

They say a wife and a husband, bit by bit

Can rear between themselves a mighty wall,

So thick they cannot speak with ease through it,

Nor can they see across it, it stands so tall.

Its nearness frightens them, but each alone

Is powerless to tear its bulk away;

And each dejected wishes they had known

Through such a wall, some magic things to say.

So let us build with master art, my dear,

A bridge of love between your life and mine,

A bridge of tenderness, and very near,

A bridge of understanding, strong and fine.

Till we have formed so many lovely ties,

There never will be room for walls to rise.


Always remember, walls keep people out, while a bridge joins them together.