Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage Conference - Gail Crowder

Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage Conference - Gail Crowder

You ever feel like you're put on this Earth for something BIG and yet you feel like you're not doing enough?
Even worse, you're enough?


You did it. It´s Official. You have the title

And if you have been a wife for more than 20 seconds, you know that there is more to this Wife Life than a ring and ceremony. No matter where you are on the journey of Wifedom, a newlywed, 10 or 20 year veteran, or a second timer working with a blended family, you know that there are LEVELS to this.
The Honeymoon Period. Financial Stress.
Intimacy, Love and Sex Issues.
Communication and Conflict Resolution.

This year’s Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage is about taking your marriage, no matter where it is now, to another LEVEL.
So, ladies, it’s time to LEVEL UP!


BSB Founder & Host

Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life Coach- One Sexy Wife


BSB Mistress of Ceremony

Master Hairstylist

Health and Wellness Coach


BSB Teacher

Health and wellness expert


BSB Mistress of Ceremony

Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

Teacher and Purpose Coach


Dance and Fitness Expert


Co-Pastor, Women’s Ministry Leader

Christian Comedian


BSB Mistress of Ceremony

Content Creator & Commedienne


These courses are included in registration; however, you MUST register for each course individually.

The Pot That Simmers/ The Pot That Boils- Communication & Conflict

Communication is the most important thing in a marriage. We need to talk openly and honestly with our husbands but we need to be good listeners. Most people can learn how to communicate more effectively. In this Wife- Life class you will discover your communication style. And how to best communicate with your husband.

Financial Blessings Under Construction- Laying The Foundation for Cash Overflow

A financial breakthrough is something most of us want, but getting one can be tough if you don’t do the right things to make it happen. In this Wife-Life class you will learn the principles that you need to put in place to receive all that God has for you and your family.

Who Am I?- A Wife Living With A Purpose

To truly know yourself is the most important skill you can ever possess. It allows you to bypass tons of frustration caused by putting time and effort into the wrong things. In this Wife-Life class you learn a process of uncovering WHO you really are. Once you know yourself, you will become more confident, you will understand your purpose, and you will begin making a bigger impact on the world.

A SOLID Temple - Spirit, Mind & Body

As a wife your overall well-being comes from not just physical health, but from mental health and spiritual health. In this Wife-Life course you will learn how to get your Spirit, Mind & Body all to line with your life and family. Even when you feel like you don't have the time to focus on yourself.


These courses are available for an additional fee to enhance your BSB Experience

The Show

The Show – The Show Is An In Your Face, Intense Hands-On Felatio Class For The Woman That Is Serious About Pleasing Her Man. Enrollment Is Limited To Allow Intimate Individual Review Of The Various Techniques That Will Be Taught. Seats are limited!

The Art Of The Strip

Ripping off each other’s clothes and hitting the sheets can be fun. But slowing down the process makes sex hotter. Come see how you can give him a full-on striptease, or just make getting naked a little more exciting! You will learn a tantalizing dance to seduce your husband with every inch of your body! In this interactive class you will learn: How to PEEL off layers with style and sexy grace! How to take control, seduce and keep both your husband’s eyes on you! How to set the stage (your bedroom) for THE ART OF THE STRIP How to execute your STRIP dance like a pro!

Boudoir Mini Photo Shoot

He wants it. You got it. Time to show him ALL about it! Silk. Lace. A ribbon. Your birthday suit. Our Boudoir photo experience WILL bring SEXXXY back to YOUR marriage. Book now as these slots fill quickly!
• Includes 30 minute session
• Private Online Gallery
• 1- 5 x 7 (Download) photo of your choice

Boudoir Makeup Session

BSB Testimonial

"Gail, your ministry is so transparent and I am grateful for the encouraging encounter we had today! Your selfless acts of truth,exposure, and honesty are refreshing. I Thank God for you and pray that the Blessings of God continue to overtake you, your family and ministry!" ~Shawanna Thompson

DoubleTree by Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg

Address: 620 Perry Pkwy, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Phone: (301) 977-8900

BSB One Sexy Wife SPECIAL room rates

Single or Double Room(s): $125.00/Plus Tax

Hotel Room Block Link

** Please Check Back Often As The Schedule Will Be Updated Monthly**

Friday January 22,2021

Wife-Life Classes 1:00PM-6:00PM
The Show (Paid Sextra) 3:00PM
OSW Shopping Experience 4:00PM-7:00PM
Girlfriends Dinner Party 7:00-10:00 Gail Crowder/ Conference Host

Friday Night (After Hours)

PJ’s & Prayer 10:30PM (Included in Registration)
The Art Of The Strip 10:30PM (PAID SEXTRA)
Wives With Vision 10:30PM (Included in Registration)

Saturday January 23,2021

Let’s Get Physical 6:00AM-7:00PM
Breakfast 7:00AM-8:45AM (On Your Own)
Session 1: 9:00AM-9:45

Session 2: 10:00AM-10:45
Session 3: 11:00-11:45

12:00PM-1:30 Lunch (on Your Own)

Session 4: 1:45-2:30
Session 5: 2:45-3:30 Wives Panel
Session 6: 3:30- 4:30 Soft Sultry Dance Moves
4:30-5:00 OSW Pictures and Closing

** Please Check Back Often As The Schedule Will Be Updated Monthly**

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Parking Is FREE at the hotel
Cancellation and Refund Policy All registrations are final and payment in full is required at time of registration. For us to bring you continued value, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges.


What is Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage all about?

BSB is a premier organization that provides holistic marriage enhancing, scripture-based education to the modern wife for inspiring self-realization and spiritual exploration, igniting couple’s intimacy, and increasing sexual satisfaction within the marriage

We achieve this by focusing on 3 aspects:

Self-Realization & Spiritual Exploration

· Feel sexy and confident, develop self-love and acceptance, and take home a strategy to finally have the marriage of your dreams.

· Acquire techniques to enhance your beauty and create a balance between work, family, and marriage.

· Apply Christian principles towards marriage and family life issues.

Sexual Satisfaction

· Discover the vital role sex plays in the marriage for men and help your husband become a confident man and thriving provider by understanding and meeting his emotional needs.

· Increase sexual pleasure by discovering his and her erogenous zones and learn how and when to touch them. Learn how to apply relative sexual positions and physical exploration for longer lasting lovemaking.

· Prime yourself mentally and physically for sex by learning the art of seduction and realize his and her fantasies with improved communication skills.

Couples Intimacy

· Cement your couple’s emotional bond by learning how to engage in straightforward and compassionate conversations.

· Dive deeper into the sexual aspect of your marriage, fully understand your marital duties, and better relate your emotional needs to your spouse.

· Significantly decrease the chances of infidelity and divorce and create emotional security by learning how to meet your husband’s physical and emotional needs.

Does the registration fee include my room?

No. In order to reserve your room, you must go through the hotel.

What is included in my registration?

This price includes the following all the Wife-Life courses, all general sessions and Friday Girlfriend’s Dinner Party, and all conference materials. This excludes the special workshop, “The Show” Mid-Night Show, Boudoir Photos or Art Of The Striptease.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All registrations are final and payment in full is required at time of registration. For us to bring you continued value, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges.