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The One Sexy Wife ROUND-UP! 2020

WANTED! One SEXY Wives from around the world!

Howdy and welcome to BSB One Sexy Wife Round-up 2020.

Grab your cowgirl boots and hat and meet us in Washington DC.

Come Learn what God has to say about Intimacy, Love and AMAZING SEX! In your marriage.

It’s going to be a rootin- tootin good time!

Speakers & Teachers


BSB Founder & Host

Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life Coach- One Sexy Wife

Gail's Bio

Gail Crowder is a wife of over 30 years, mother of two boys and adoptive mother of two girls the Founder and President of Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage (BSB). After seeing a need in both secular and religious communities, Gail wanted to create a safe space dedicated to the spiritual and sexual enhancement of marriages for the modern-day wife. Gail has been responsible for spicing up thousands of marriages through the BSB conference and continues to change lives every day.

As an author, Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life Coach, Gail has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows as a specialist and seasoned lifestyle & relationship expert.

Gail has authored several books related to marriage and sex, which include her signature book. “Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage”, and her latest best-selling book, “Keep Your Legs Open: A Wives’ Guide to Sexual Satisfaction” and “Praying For The Penis: A Wives’ Guide to understanding a Male’s Sexual Health”. Gail’s energy, expertise, and tell-it-like-it is an approach makes her a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

Jackie Dixon

Christian women’s intimacy expert, and the head of VLX, a media and coaching

Jackie's Bio

Jackie Dixon is a #1 best-selling author, Christian women’s intimacy expert, and the head of VLX, a media and coaching organization focused on delivering God’s truths about body, beauty and relationships to women around the world.

Jackie is a model, writer, and coach, and speaks internationally at conferences and events. She has a passion for seeing women flourish in the lifestyle of health and freedom they were made for, and a knack for handling tough topics in a way that is both edgy and accessible.

Jackie graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University – earning a dual degree in Scientific and Medical Writing, and French Literature. She holds her Masters degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University.

Jackie graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University – earning a dual degree in Scientific and Medical Writing, and French Literature. She holds her Masters degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University.

She has spent years in seminary and counseling training cracking the code on the intersection of ‘body, beauty, and intimacy’ – what she calls the theology of the female body – to help release women into the freedom of God’s design for them.

She and her husband David, an active duty pilot in the Marine Corps, and their daughter Juliette and son Donovan, move around the world inspiring and healing couples in their marriages and walk with Christ.

Dwayne L. Buckingham

Clinical Psychotherapist, Decorated Veteran,

Relationship Expert, Resilience Guru, Author, Film Producer

Dwayne's Bio

Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham is the President and Chief Executive Officer of R.E.A.L. Horizons
Consulting Solutions, LLC, founder of the You Deserve More women’s empowerment
movement and President of the Empathy and Resilience Center, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3).

As a highly acclaimed international clinical psychotherapist, decorated veteran,
relationship expert, resilience guru, author, film producer, coach and corporate consultant
with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Buckingham has helped over 30,000 individuals,
couples, groups, and families worldwide overcome adversity, hardship and emotional
distress by providing superb psychological assessments, mental health treatment and
psycho-educational training. In recognition of his expertise, he has been featured on NBC,
ABC, Fox 2 News, ESSENCE, The CW 11, The Daily Drum, Huffington Post, and numerous
other media outlets.

In addition to being a highly acclaimed international clinical psychotherapist, Dr.
Buckingham is also a successful entrepreneur. In 2017 he received the distinct destination
of DMV Entrepreneur of the Year from Wes Adams’ State’s Attorney Office, Anne Arundel
County, Maryland.

Dr. Buckingham has provided keynote addresses, consulting services and training for
numerous organizations including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, United
States Public Health Services (USPHS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Health
Resource and Service Administration (HRSA), United States Air Force, First Baptist Church
of Glenarden, Habitat for Humanity, St. John’s Baptist Church, The Bowman Francis
Ministry, and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

He holds a B.S.W. in Social Work from Jackson State University, a M.S.W in Clinical Social
Work from Michigan State University, a Ph.D. in Human Services from Capella University and
is Board Certified by the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work. He is also an
active member of the National Association of Social Workers and Kappa Alpha Psi
Fraternity, Inc.

When Dr. Buckingham isn’t empowering individuals and communities, he enjoys spending
time with his family, working out and traveling.

Valena Barron-Metcalfe

Co-Pastor, Women’s Ministry Leader

Christian Comedian

Valena's Bio

Pastor Valena R. Metcalfe, originally from Gary, IN and currently resides in Northern Virginia for the last 23 years. Pastor Valena just celebrated her 5th Pastoral Anniversary at Greater New Life Christian Fellowship Church in Triangle, VA where she is Co-Pastor under the leadership of her husband, Bishop-Elect Samuel D. Metcalfe Jr. The ministry focus is “Where We Speak Life” imparting Wisdom and Knowledge to God’s people to advance the Kingdom of God. Pastor Valena not only ministers the Word of God, but she thoroughly enjoys ministering with the gift of laughter as a Christian Comedienne throughout the DMV, and her prayers were answered because the Lord also enlarged her territory to minister in other states such as FL, GA, IL, IN, MI, NC, PA, TX and West Virginia. Comedienne Valena is also the Vice President of “The Living On Laughter Gospel Comedy Association” (LOLGCA) in Northern Virginia. Pastor Valena wears many hats, but her greatest accomplishment is being married for 33 years to her high school sweetheart Sam, which this union has produced 10 beautiful children, (5 girls and 5 boys) along with 8 precious grandchildren. Her favorite pastimes are cooking, reading, skating, cracking jokes and enjoying family time.

Heather Pillow

Intimacy Advisor, in Women’s health and Wellness.

Senior Executive Director and corporate trainer with Pure Romance


Heathers's Bio

Heather Pillow has been an Intimacy Advisor in the women’s health and wellness industry since 2006. Her presentation is known for being a perfect blend of education, humor and helpful advice for exploring sexuality for yourself and your partner.

She believes that our bodies were made in God’s image and were specifically designed for both pleasure and comfort. Heather’s presentations are infused with sex-positive, inclusive content and she promotes healthy self-talk, particularly regarding our bodies. Heather has a gift for making even the most nervous, conservative women feel comfortable with the topic, encouraging them to express their inner concerns.

In her role as a Senior Executive Director and corporate trainer with Pure Romance, Heather has been blessed to be able to help women around the globe to not only rediscover their own pleasure but reconnect with their partners both in and out of the bedroom. She works with local women’s ministries, bible study groups and networking groups to encourage a healthy dialogue surrounding female sexuality. Heather also helps other female entrepreneurs build successful businesses that blend into the rhythm of their already hectic lives.

Heather and her husband, Adrian, have been mostly happily married for more than 21 years and are raising three spirited teens with discipline, humor, love and a healthy willingness to discuss their bodies. Heather holds a dual degree in Creative Writing and Spanish from Auburn University.

Cassandra Ferguson

Author, Radio Talk Show Host

Keynote Speaker, Personal & Corporate Trainer

Cassandra's Bio

Cassandra Ferguson is described by many as being Passionate, Bold, Exciting, Courageous, and a Purposeful Business Strategist Leader. Cassandra provides Professional and Personal development training in the areas of Leadership, Team Building, Communication, Customer Service, and Organizational Effectiveness. One of her key strengths is the ability to help you discover and develop your “Sweet Spot”.

A Certified John C Maxwell Team trainer and certified through Villa Nova University in Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resource Management. Cassandra has trained and spoken in churches, community centers, corporations, and schools and on radio stations. In addition have served on many panels and focus groups for development and organizational improvement.

Cassandra is a former business owner for 12 years of a Mortgage and Tax Service. Prior owner of a women networking group of about 250 women called Business Women on the Move. Owner of Diamonds and Pearls Unlimited a community where female relationships are strengthened and local, national, and world leaders are developed. A Small Business Administration Sankofa Leaders. Co- Author of two book projects and currently working on two of her own, one titled Dear Daughter about raising young ladies to be leaders in today’s society. Cassandra just became a Radio One talk show host for Radio One featuring Leadership, Sassy Cassie and The Young and Bold Segment.

Cassandra has been married for 28 years to Antonio C. Ferguson and they serve together at Mt. Pleasant Church and Ministries on the Deacon Care ministry. She also has four adult children Chantre’, Shaneka, Antonio Jr. and Antwan.

Lakisha Wade

Dance and Fitness Expert

Lakisha's Bio

Need Bio

Deidra Roussaw

The Signature Wife Coach
Motivational Speaker
Certified Relationship Coach
Founder of TrulyWed Wives
Co-Founder of TWOgether Marriages

Deidra's Bio

Minister Deidra Roussaw is a certified relationship coach, leadership expert, certified mentor,   visionary, wife blogger and the founder of TrulyWed Wives®, a wives leadership ministry offering wives retreats, conferences, seminars & workshops. Minister Deidra is a Cerrtified Sandals WeddingMoon Specialist and a Cruise Specialist offering pleasurable resources and romantic exposure for couples to partake in for the purpose of strengthening and enhancing their marriages. Minister Deidra is the brand specialist for her Wives Night Out ~ Slumber Parties by the Signature Wife Coach.

Deidra is committed to providing exuberant experiences that will invoke passion and devotion to the sanctity of marriage.

Minister Deidra is an author of a book she compiled with over 50 other wives titled “Wives on Fire!”

She hosts a monthly Wives on Fire book club and Wives on Fire annual Road Trips.

She is the co-founder of TWOgether Marriages, hosts an annual Marriage on Fire Retreat ~ Marriage Sailabration, a monthly “Date Night Tour” and the host of the Marriage on Fire Radio Show alongside her husband, Minister Dwight.


Contact Minister Deidra or 800-960-0098

Kiki Ramsey

BSB Mistress of Ceremony

Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

Teacher and Purpose Coach

Kiki's Bio

Kiki Ramsey is a motivational speaker, author, and life coach. Her transformational strategies have helped thousands of people overcome limiting beliefs caused by fear, find purpose, and achieve happiness and success in their life and career. She is the CEO of Kiki Ramsey International and the founder of the Get Courageous Movement ™, a global mission to empower millions of all over the world to walk in their purpose and live courageously. She has spoken at Berea College, George Mason University, American Woman’s Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the National Association of Adventurous Black Women, to name a few. Her newly released book, Get Courageous Now: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Passions and Purpose in Life offers women a step by step guide to radically breakthrough the mindset of fear into living a life of purpose, passion, and courage. Kiki is a dynamic, high energy speaker who will motivate and empower your audience to be the bold, fearless women they were meant to be.

Kim Butler

BSB Mistress of Ceremony

Master Hairstylist

Health and Wellness Coach

Kim's Bio

Kim, who claims New York and New Jersey as home, has been living in the Maryland area since 1991 along with her husband, Reggie. Kim and Reggie have been married for 34 years. They are the proud parents of 3 sons and 1 daughter-in-law, Philip and his wife, Curtresse, Travis and Jarrhett and two grandbabies, Michael & Edmund.

A Certified John C Maxwell Team trainer and certified through Villa Nova University in Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resource Management. Cassandra has trained and spoken in churches, community centers, corporations, and schools and on radio stations. In addition have served on many panels and focus groups for development and organizational improvement.

As a young child, Kim’s plan was to become a doctor but after having her youngest child, she decided to attend Dudley Beauty College in Washington, DC. She’s now a licensed Senior Cosmetologist. Though becoming a cosmetologist was not a part of the “plan”, it’s become her passion and she’s been in the industry for 26 years. Kim’s passion for healthy hair has pushed her to educate herself to become an industry expert. She stays abreast of the latest trends, cutting styles and techniques, as well as make-up artistry. This has enabled Kim to focus on the changes and improvements of the products she chooses and strongly endorses. Kim strongly emphasizes the importance of healthy hair and why you need to have someone who is not willing to compromise the integrity of your hair. Her motto is “if your hair is healthy you can do anything you like with it.”

For the past 6 years, Kim has expanded her healthy hair passion to include the whole body….she is a Personal Wellness Coach with Herbalife International helping others become “nutritionally fit” from the inside out. Kim has found that being a Coach is the perfect “marriage”/partner to her passion of healthy hair; your nutrition, or lack thereof, greatly impacts EVERYTHING. She creates meal and personalized nutrition plans to help her clients achieve their goals, whether it is to lose weight, gain weight, increase their lean muscle mass, increase their energy or improve their health overall. Kim has added another motto, “cherish the BODY you have, for it’s the ONLY one you get.” Kim commits herself to your journey by coaching you to your finish line. Kim wants you to look good and feel good!

The Confident Wife!

Class Description

Insecurities.  Lacking confidence.  Self-esteem issues. These are countless issues that women battle on a regular basis. Did you know that nowhere in the Bible does it talk about self-esteem or having self-confidence?  Nope! It’s not in there, friend. These thoughts and attitudes are worldly words and philosophies. And here’s one of the hardest insecurities to cope with: being intimate with our husbands.  When our minds are screaming at us about our poor body image, the last thing we want to do is have our man see us naked. But this attitude will hinder our marriages, after all, God designed sex solely for marriage and He designed our husbands to be visual.  The Bible tells our husbands to delight in our bodies yet the insecurities that we deal with want to shut him out.

In this class Heather is going to help you overcome your insecurities that are keeping you from being that One Sexy Wife to the fullest.

FORGIVENESS- Forgiving him when he keeps hurting me

Class Description

Let’s be clear, it is tough to forgive when someone keeps hurting you.
It’s also tough when it’s your husband and he doesn’t apologize or agree he’s done wrong.
However, forgiveness doesn’t hinge on either of these.
Instead, forgiveness is an attitude of your heart. It is a decision to let go of getting back at that person. It’s deciding that you have no right to stab them with your words, actions, or thoughts.
Cassandra is going to teach you how to forgive your husband and set healthy boundaries that you both can live with.

Sexual Addiction In Marriage

Class Description

Sex addiction is not unlike alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or food addiction. It is a compulsive drive to act out in an addictive cycle. It involves trauma and shame and is far more stigmatized than other addictions because of the ways in which our society struggles to navigate sexuality without shame. Sex addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Like all addictions, its negative impact on the addict and on family members increases as the disorder progresses. Come learn how to help your husband with his addition and know that you are NOT alone, and that help is available.

The Sexually Mature Wife

Class Description

Your sex life will change as your body ages. These changes can be addressed, and you can have healthy, satisfying sex your entire life. By communicating with your husband, taking care of your health, and maintaining a good emotional perspective, your sex life can grow even richer over the years.
Come learn how to address, your needs and wants and desires as a Mature wife from Valena.

PJ’s And Prayer (NO need to Reg. Just show up in your PJ's)

Class Description

Do you feel the need to pray more earnestly for your husband and your marriage but not sure where to start? We often don’t pray as if we believe God will show up and do something big, but prayer works, and God longs for you to be in prayer with Him. He especially desires you pray about your marriage and the one person you are spending the rest of your life with! Come join us for PJ’s and prayer as Deidra will set the atmosphere for God to show up and heal and deliver you in every area of your life and marriage. 

(Please Wear MODEST PJ’s as this is a busy hotel)

Vision Board Experience

Class Description

If you want to achieve success at a higher level in your marriage, then you must do what high performers and successful married people do. That creates a vision for every aspect of your life. And creating a vision board is an effective and proven method for bringing forth your vision for your marriage and start achieving goals for your life and marriage.

This experience is taught by Tawawn Lowe One of only 156 certified vision board instructors in the world!

The Show (only 12 spots available)

Class Description

The Show – The Show Is An In Your Face, Intense Hands-On Class For The Woman That Is Serious About Pleasing Her Man. Enrollment Is Limited To Allow Intimate Individual Review Of The Various Techniques That Will Be Taught. Seats are limited!

Boudoir Photography Mini Session

Class Description

He wants it. You got it. Time to show him ALL about it!
Silk. Lace. A ribbon. Your birthday suit.
Our Boudoir photo experience WILL bring
SEXXXY back to YOUR marriage.
Book now as these slots fill quickly!

• Includes 30 minute session
• Private Online Gallery
• 1- 5 x 7 (Download) photo of your choice

Boudoir Mini Makeup Session With Janelle Z Beauty

Class Description



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Friday January 31,2020 Wife Life Classes

Registration: 12:00pm-7:00pm

Forgiveness 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Cassandra Ferguson

Sexually Mature Wife 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Valena Metcalf


The Confident Wife 3:00 PM- 3:45 PM Heather Pillow

OSW Shopping Experience Opens 3:00PM- 7:00PM

Breaking Sexual Addictions Spiritually in Marriage: 4:00 PM- 4:45 PM Sonya J. Wells

Girlfriend Dinner Party 7:00PM- 10PM/ Gail Crowder- Intimacy

After Hours Fun!

PJ’s & Prayer 10:30PM- 11:30PM Deidra Roussaw

Vision Board Experience 10:30PM- 12:00PM Tawawn Lowe

Saturday February 1,2020

OSW Shopping Experience Opens 8:00AM-9:00AM

Session 1: Loving Him Despite 9:15am-10:00am Gail Crowder

Session 2: ASK GAIL 10:15am-10:45am Gail Crowder

Session 3: The Big “O” 11:00 am-12:00pm Jackie Dixon

LUNCH: 12:10pm-1:40pm On Your Own

Session 4: Free to Have Amazing Sex 2:00pm-2:45pm Gail Crowder

Session 5: Q & A Panel: 3:00pm-3:45pm

Session 6: Sultry Dance Moves: 4:00pm-4:45pm Lakesha Wade

BSB Group Picture: 5:15pm

OSW Marketplace: 4:45pm-6:00pm

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BSB Conference Dress Code:

Casual Chic – Whatever makes you HAPPY!

Cancellation and Refund Policy All registrations are final and payment in full is required at time of registration. For us to bring you continued value, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges.


What is Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage all about?

BSB is a premier organization that provides holistic marriage enhancing, scripture-based education to the modern wife for inspiring self-realization and spiritual exploration, igniting couple’s intimacy, and increasing sexual satisfaction within the marriage

We achieve this by focusing on 3 aspects:

Self-Realization & Spiritual Exploration

· Feel sexy and confident, develop self-love and acceptance, and take home a strategy to finally have the marriage of your dreams.

· Acquire techniques to enhance your beauty and create a balance between work, family, and marriage.

· Apply Christian principles towards marriage and family life issues.

Sexual Satisfaction

· Discover the vital role sex plays in the marriage for men and help your husband become a confident man and thriving provider by understanding and meeting his emotional needs.

· Increase sexual pleasure by discovering his and her erogenous zones and learn how and when to touch them. Learn how to apply relative sexual positions and physical exploration for longer lasting lovemaking.

· Prime yourself mentally and physically for sex by learning the art of seduction and realize his and her fantasies with improved communication skills.

Couples Intimacy

· Cement your couple's emotional bond by learning how to engage in straightforward and compassionate conversations.

· Dive deeper into the sexual aspect of your marriage, fully understand your marital duties, and better relate your emotional needs to your spouse.

· Significantly decrease the chances of infidelity and divorce and create emotional security by learning how to meet your husband's physical and emotional needs.

Does the registration fee include my room?

No. In order to reserve your room, you must go through the hotel.

What is included in my registration?

This price includes the following all the Wife-Life courses, all general sessions and Friday Girlfriend’s Dinner Party, and all conference materials. This excludes the special workshop, “The Show” Mid-Night Show, Boudoir Photos or Art Of The Striptease.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All registrations are final and payment in full is required at time of registration. For us to bring you continued value, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges.

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