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Get insight on how to make your marriage work through the ups and downs you both go through in life.

How to Communicate With Difficult Family

Honey, didn’t your sister say she was only staying 3 days?” “Babe, is that your brother grilling outside…at midnight…in his underwear?” Yep. You know it. It’s that time of year where we are going to be around family. Family Reunions. Weddings. Graduations. Whether you are a newlywed or an empty-nester, you are going to be … Read More

10 Tips for Family Summer Fun

You feelin’ it! The lyrics of Summer. It’s here. Children are out of school. Time to shift to camp and vacation schedules. But do you really sit back and unwind? Your marriage needs nurturing outside of the hectic travel schedules. Why not stay nearby and enjoy the great outdoors? Here are a few tips to … Read More

Meet Gail Homepage

Gail knows that fabulous relationships emerge from within each enlightened person. As a life and marriage coach, Gail helps couples and individuals manage their time, resources, and improve their self-confidence. With her help, clients can rejuvenate their relationships to awaken and nourish their heart’s need for deep, enduring, and meaningful connections. Gail teaches you can … Read More

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9 Clever Hacks To Prevent The Honeymoon Stage From Ending In Your Relationship

Reprinted from Bustle Magazine. Thanking them for interviewing me as an expert. Original article here. By Kristine Fellizar =============== Known as one of the most blissful parts of a relationship, the honeymoon phase typically happens at the beginning of a relationship but fades after some time. During the honeymoon phase, everything is still new and … Read More

15 Kinky Things To Do With Your Sexy Panties

15 things you can do with your sexy panties to grab his attention include the following: When out to dinner sit in a corner and slip off the undies and slip them into his hand, under the table. Sport a white lacy pair, and then hop into the shower with your husband. You will give … Read More

5 Steps to Real Intimacy and Greater Sex in Your Marriage

5 Steps to Real Intimacy and Greater Sex in Your Marriage Intimacy is often confused with sex. They are not the same. This confusion has many people, married and single, twisted. You may be having sex, even good sex, and not be intimate. There’s the truth. You can have good sex without intimacy. But you … Read More

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