“So then, the relationship of self to other is the complete realization that loving yourself is impossible without loving everything defined as other than yourself.” – Alan Watts

loving him without losing you

8 Weeks

Remember the honeymoon period of your marriage? Maybe it started with a Cinderella-type wedding or a destination wedding in Vegas. However, it started you were ready to take on this role of a wife like a champ, a diva, right? You knew the kind of life you wanted and you were in it to win it. And unlike some of your girlfriends who didn’t make it this far, you are still doing…you are One Sexy Wife, but that feeling? The butterflies, the Wonder Woman superbad take on the world feeling? It has most likely been kicked around by…overwhelm, frustration, sadness, and dare I’ll be real, boredom. Ouch!

Did you notice when it happened?

I couldn’t imagine that I could lose my drive, my fire, my dreams after helping my husband and children fulfill theirs. Look, I am not blaming them and I don’t have any regrets. I just wasn’t taught self-care. Were you? I’m talking beyond keeping your nails and hair done or eating right. I’m talking about emotionally. Have you been able to keep the woman intact who existed beyond wife and/or mom?

Hear My Heart!

Probably not. It is our nature as women to put everyone else before us. In my life, I didn’t know I was losing myself right away. It was gradual. Slowly but surely. And this may make you feel comfortable, so instead of admitting that you losing you, you may be trying to find “balance.” Balance that’s the buzzword now, but doesn’t that mean you have more of one thing that you do another? Yes. You have more errands, plans, projects that have to do with other people than you. And you have gotten used to it. You may be thinking this is what being a wife is all about. I’m sure you have thought that this is it – the same ol’ same ol’ day in and day out. Not so. Not a healthy, vibrant wife.

And that’s why I developed this program.

This Was the Root of Many Coaching Sessions

I work with wives first. You’re smart. You know that something needs to be tweaked in your life or in your marriage. In the first session with an unfulfilled or unhappy wife, you know what I see? A pattern. A pattern of thinking that caring about yourself makes you selfish. No, you are the opposite of selfish. You have been giving yourself away to everyone else. Stopping for self-care, checking in with what YOU want is self-preservation. It is really building your confidence, your self-esteem so that you can do more for others in your life. Remember that sexy bride who was ready for all things wife? Well, I can help you reconnect with her – the wiser, stronger version. I mean, they call me One Sexy Wife for a reason.

What Is This Program About Really?

Loving Him Without Losing You is about…You. I know that if you don’t make time for yourself, you won’t ever address that feeling of being incomplete. I find some wives have told themselves and others that their husbands complete them. But really ladies, you want him to compliment you. Strengthen you. Support you. A whole you! Even though it is catchy, we are not talking about a 50/50 love yeah! (Had to channel my Teddy Pendergrass for a minute). For 8 weeks, I will go step-by-step with you on the journey back to self. This coaching program is taught by ME, a wife for 30 years, a certified master sexpert, marriage and life coach. So you don’t get some guru on a mountaintop telling you how to fix you. You get a highly interactive coaching program with like-minded wives who are looking for “balance” too but don’t even know what that looks or feels like really. Every week for 8 weeks, we will cover the necessary topic for the journey and you will be given worksheets with questions to do as homework. In our live group session calls, we will go over the homework and answer any questions. Simple?

I know, I know. It’s not THAT simple. That’s why you’re joining this program. And here is what you are going to be learning and developing every week.
Weekly Topics & Descriptions


Finding Your Independence

Your relationship with yourself determines the destiny of your marriage. The success of all of your personal Marriage starts with YOU! Finding your independence and spending time with yourself is the first step in reconnecting. You will understand your choices, your decisions, your God-given path. You get the opportunity for self-discovery without distractions.


Reclaiming and Strengthening Your Unique Beauty

In this session, you go deep. Real deep. Time to be honest with what you see in the mirror including all your imperfections. Remember the goal here is not to be perfect. In fact, the goal is to see all your imperfections as sheer beauty because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You don’t have to give in to society’s definition of beauty. You will develop your own!


Prioritizing YOU!

You are a whole part of a couple. Notice I said ‘whole.’ There are millions of married couples who achieve their dreams together. You know them -The “Power Couples”. But in many cases, behind the scenes, one of those individuals’ lives are left lonely, empty, and unfulfilled. I believe that you can still be a ME and be a part of WE.


Dreaming Big Dreams

Remember that Wonder Woman bride? She had dreams, big dreams. Check in with those dreams. You don’t have to give it all up. Here you go beyond just remembering the dreams, but learning how to take specific actions to get you back on track. You can live the life you always dreamed of now.


Communicating Your Needs, Wants, and Dreams

Now that you have spent time dreaming again, it’s time to share with those crucial people in your life, especially your husband. The main reason that communication falls apart in a relationship is fear. Fear of what the other will say or do or fear of failure. Here we face your insecurities and deal with the emotional blocks that you are holding you back.


Scheduling & Time Management

No more using time or the lack of time as an excuse for not living your life. Decide what is most important to you. Then determine how you are wasting time and how you can be more efficient and effective. We will determine what changes you can make quickly and what changes will require bigger adjustments. Once you free up your time to focus on your priorities you will be so glad you did!


Executing The Game Plan

It’s time to introduce or reintroduce the NEW YOU back into your married life. You will have done the necessary work to build your self-confidence and to address your dissatisfaction with your previous life choices. You will learn how to get your family on board and how to support the new and improved YOU!


Take Action

Let’s celebrate your transition and review your game plan to see what is working and what may need some adjustments. You also work on your action plan going forward.
Other benefits of joining this program:

  • Better communicate what you want without feeling selfish or being insecure
  • Recapture your dreams and goals without guilt
  • Develop independence while still nurturing intimacy and connection in your marriage.

Questions and Answers

Are these one on one sessions? No, this is a group coaching program.

Will I be able to address matters of sex and sexuality in this program? Yes, during our Monday meetings.

Will there be a Facebook Group or somewhere for me to connect with the other wives in the program? No, I am going to use Group Me! I think that will keep us connected and NOT on Facebook!

When can I access the bonuses with the program? After completing the program, you receive a 1 hour One on One coaching session with me as a BONUS!

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