Life After Infidelity

When extramarital affairs occur alongside or within the context of a loving, committed marriage, they do not always indicate a problem with the marital relationship.

Infidelity  often elicits strong emotional responses, dogmatic thinking, emotional defensiveness and moral rigidity in clients. However, contrary to what is commonly believed, extramarital affairs are neither:


Exclusive to men

Signal the end of a marriage or relationship

In fact, the discovery that one or both partners have moved outside the boundaries of their marital vows seeking to get needs met, may open a window of opportunity. It may bring each partner toward greater intimacy and deeper insight into themselves as well as their spouse.

More than a third of all marriages are being challenged to confront and deal with the complexities of extramarital affairs. Indeed, infidelity has become an equal opportunity affair. Internet or online affairs have become extremely prevalent.

In my 7- Step “Life After Infidelity” Couples Coaching Program, I equip you with techniques and tools for infidelity recovery. I use a systematized framework that supports the healing and forgiveness process. In this on-demand program I hold my client’s hands through this painful time.  I use behavioral techniques, such as coaching, directing, self-reflection and education, as useful tools to incorporate into your day to day lives.

The good news is that most marriages not only survive infidelity, but I have observed that many marriages become stronger and more intimate after finishing my Life After Infidelity 7-Step Coaching Program.


4-Week On Demand Downloadable 7-Step Life After Infidelity Lessons with Worksheets

Each Lesson is guided by Gail Crowder through video or voice

1 45-minute coaching call with Gail Crowder

Life After Infidelity



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