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Couples Coaching

“A healthy relationship is built on unwavering trust.” – Beau Mirchoff


Couples coaching is the bridge that gets you from where you are to where you want to be in your relationship. It is a powerful and valuable process that provides an incredible return on investment of time and money.

Any relationship CAN work if the two individuals in the relationship:

  1. Want it to work.
  2. Are willing to work through the issues that are blocking the relationship from flowing.
  3. Put their personal needs and wants on the back burner and put their significant other first.

Areas of Focus

  • Return from the brink of divorce to love and passion.
  • Enhance sexually satisfying marriages.
  • Recover from affairs and betrayals to trust and open-hearted.
  • Overcome financial struggles and uncertainty to abundance.
  • Attract and seduce the ideal mate.
  • Restore open-hearted communications as well as emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Pre- Marital couples Coaching
  • Most importantly, reestablish a relationship with God.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship – so you might as well throw that out of your mind right now. I do, however, know, and have met couples who flow incredibly well together – sometimes it will take no effort at all, while at other times, it will take great effort, persistence, patience, and love.

Issues in your romantic relationship have less to do with the relationship as a whole and are generally more about you in some way and therefore shows a great deal about how you look at life and how you treat yourself. If you respect yourself, your partner will too. If you take care of yourself, your partner will offer to do the same.

This is both great and awful news. Great news because it means you can shift your relationship for the better, awful because you cannot shift your partner/spouse – shifting is up to him/her.

Couples Coaching Sessions are typically conducted with Gail over Zoom meeting or over the phone and are 1 hours in length. To create momentum, Gail recommends weekly or bi-weekly sessions, consistent sessions for a duration of time to create a momentum and to clear and work through ‘issues’ that might be long-standing between partners. Some clients also add in one-to-one sessions to complement the Couple’s Coaching experience.