Dirty Talk - Marriage Counseling in Frederick MD

2 Hour Workshop

Date: February 11, 2023
Time: 10:00- 12:30 EST


Location: Zoom webinar

"My husband asked me to talk dirty, so I did.

But then, he laughed...

and I felt him grow soft, inside me...

You are NOT ALONE: One in five married people in new study admit they have stopped sex cold because of the dirty talk…

It was 3am…

My phone was ringing off the hook…

It was my good friend…

And… in between sobs and sniffs… 

… she asked for my advice.

“I want to make my husband feel good,” she said. “And he keeps asking me to talk dirty.”

“Well, last night we celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary…” 

“We got all dressed up. We went to a nice restaurant. We had a little wine,” she said.

“I felt so in love and connected to him.” 

“He was such a perfect gentleman all night.” 

“And so, when we got home, we stumbled up into bed…”

“He was so gentle and caring. I wanted to give him something special…”

“So I started to talk dirty. You know, the way I’ve seen women do it in the movies.”

“Nothing raunchy!” she said. 

“I wasn’t vulgar or cheap. I was the perfect lady.” 

“I was expecting him to feel good…” 

“… But instead, he laughed. And then, I felt him get soft, inside me…”

“Before I knew it, he had excused himself.” 

“He blamed it on the wine and having a long day.” 

“But he turned away from me, and went right to sleep. 

“I stayed up, mortified, crying in the bathroom.”

“I’ve never felt more embarrassed or ashamed!” she said. 

“I know he wants me to talk dirty to him… so what did I do wrong?” I replied NOTHING!

What your husband REALLY Wants You To Say, In Bed…

I could hear the pain in my friend’s voice.

I could hear her embarrassment… her loneliness…

Her shame, her confusion…

Making your husband feel good is supposed to be easy, right? 

… So why is talking dirty so hard for thousands of women?


If you really want to know, I urge you to pay close attention. 

Because in the next few minutes, I will show you EXACTLY why:


1.So many men ask their wives to talk dirty… only to shame them or laugh, when they do…

2.So many women just feel shy or embarrassed… and either nothing comes out, or they burst out laughing!

3.So many of the women who actually CAN talk dirty run out of things to say… and feel like they’re repeating their three favorite phrases, over and over…

Everyone Thinks They Know How To Talk Dirty, But It’s Not As Simple As It Seems…

My Name Is Dr. Gail Crowder

I’m a Marriage coach, Master Sexpert author, and founder of Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage (BSB) & Wife Life U.

Since 2005, I’ve taught, coached and spoken to thousands of women about Marriage, Intimacy, Love & Amazing Sex and Relationships.

… And I’ve helped hundreds of my clients talk dirty to their husbands.


No matter whether these women felt shy… 


 Or just didn’t want to feel “cheap.”

My secret?

I teach my clients the one thing very few Coaches teaches them:

I teach them WHY talking dirty works, in the first place…

Dr Gail Crowder Marriage and Relationship Coaching

The Real Problem: No One Teaches You WHY Dirty Talk Works… (and how to do it right)