BSB Presents-Wives United Virtual Conference – Gail Crowder

BSB Presents-Wives United Virtual Conference

Wives United!

For a few hours on January 26, 2019 and for less than the cost of a quick trip to your favorite grocery store, you will get what it took me almost 30 years to learn and what I have taught hundreds of women over the years.

Workshop Topics include:

Why Divided We Fall
In this class you will learn why we can’t allow economic status, infidelity, social media, color, race or religion to divide us from keeping the family structure alive in the 21st century.

The Journey to Unity
In this class I will help you understand where you are now, identify where you are struggling and help you see where and how you can get help.

Wives United-You are NOT alone
In this class you will learn why you are NOT alone in your wifehood journey. Learn about resources that are available to you as a wife beyond traditional approaches.

I believe in marriage and I want to see your marriage thrive. Aren’t you tired of having to keep your joy to yourself for fear of being criticized? Or just as bad aren’t you tired of needing support and help, but don’t know where to go because you can’t trust just anyone and their advice?

Been all of those places and done that. That’s why I went back to Harvard School for Coaching and learned about effective communication, conflict resolution and working with couples. I know how important sex and intimacy are to a successful marriage, so I went back to school to be a sexpert. Yaaass Girlfriend…I even wrote a book, Keep Your Legs Open: A Wives Guide to Sexual Satisfaction.

You won’t be getting any theory or any man (just being honest) telling you what you need to think and feel as a wife. You are getting ME! A wife who has made every mistake there is to make and who is willing to share and help you through the mistakes or challenges that you are facing.

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United We Stand Divided Families FALL!

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Jan 26 2019


10:00 am - 2:30 pm



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