Heather Pillow's Bio - Marriage Counseling in Frederick MD

Heather Pillow's Biography

Speaker and Teacher

intimacy advisor

Heather Pillow has been an Intimacy Advisor in the women’s health and wellness industry since 2006. Her presentation is known for being a perfect blend of education, humor and helpful advice for exploring sexuality for yourself and your partner. 

She believes that our bodies were made in God’s image and were specifically designed for both pleasure and comfort. Heather’s presentations are infused with sex-positive, inclusive content and she promotes healthy self-talk, particularly regarding our bodies. Heather has a gift for making even the most nervous, conservative women feel comfortable with the topic, encouraging them to express their inner concerns. 

In her role as a Senior Executive Director and corporate trainer with Pure Romance, Heather has been blessed to be able to help women around the globe to not only rediscover their own pleasure but reconnect with their partners both in and out of the bedroom. She works with local women’s ministries, bible study groups and networking groups to encourage a healthy dialogue surrounding female sexuality. Heather also helps other female entrepreneurs build successful businesses that blend into the rhythm of their already hectic lives.

Heather and her husband, Adrian, have been mostly happily married for more than 21 years and are raising three spirited teens with discipline, humor, love and a healthy willingness to discuss their bodies. Heather holds a dual degree in Creative Writing and Spanish from Auburn University.