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How to Add Zing to Your Spring Cleaning

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The formal definition of fling is to throw something forcefully and the slang definition of fling is a short-term sexual relationship for pleasure. Continue reading and find out how you are going to be doing both but with a twist!

Spring cleaning is usually a big activity in the home and it tends to be women who lead the charge. Why not get your husband involved in clearing out the closets, bringing out the warmer weather clothing and have a little fling with him after you’re done? Here are 3 ways to get it done quickly and make it fun.

Change the bedroom. Who wants to come into a cluttered room with all of that bulky linen and blankets? Yeah, you may have had some bundling up time, but how about using some body heat. Take off the blankets, the heavy linen and put on something soft, maybe even silk and top it off with a light bedspread or colorful duvet. Ask your husband to help you flip over that mattress and turn it around so you can get the most wear out of it. Move the bed at an angle or change the sitting area to another part of the room. Be sure to dust those blinds and the ceiling fans. Lastly, crack open the window and turn your thermostat down just a tad to save money and to make the need to cuddle much greater.

Fling out those old clothes. Get rid of those clothes that don’t work for either of you anymore. Ok! Ok! You are going to get back to that size eventually, but are you being motivated to go to the gym by looking at the dress every day? And your husband? He has been wearing that shirt and that underwear until the holes are everywhere. Upgrade you both! Have a fashion show for each other. I know it sounds corny, but you both are going to be reminded of items that you like that you don’t wear enough and you will be reminded of that outfit that is, well, no longer for you. If you are concerned about each other’s weight or overall energy levels, get rid of the worn-out workout gear and pick up something cute for you both. A nice stroll hand-in-hand outside after work would be a great start to that fit figure.

Have a spring fling for your date night. You have been staying at home dating due to the weather or you have been hit with cabin fever after the long commutes and the lack of sunshine. So, flip the script. Put on a nice dress (that you probably just found when you were cleaning out the closet), show off your shoulders and back a little. Bring out some spring decor if you date at home or go somewhere to do some outdoor dining. My favorite casual date theme is Denim and Diamonds. Put on your sexiest jeans with a blingy and clingy One Sexy Wife t-shirt and a blazer and have your husband rock out his jeans with a shiny watch. You two will not look at each other the same.

Spring has sprung! Just like the rest of creation, time to mate and procreate.