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There is a study that shows that couples’ most difficult year in marriage is the seventh year. While this is true and can be backed up with several kinds of research, it is not a rigid fact. Difficult times can occur during the third year or even during the first month of marriage. The most important thing is to know how to be able to handle these difficult times because they will occur. So how do we learn how to communicate with our spouse during these difficult times in marriage? Read on to discover a few tips.

Listen to one another

Communication is vital; it can only be successful if each spouse listens to the other while they talk about their grievance. These rough times will come, but both parties must be focused on how to listen to each other. You must understand that life is a series of better days and worse days. Our experiences will help us navigate the relationship in our lives. So, it is okay to disagree, but make sure you give your partner a chance to say how an issue affects them.

Don’t belittle each other

One of the worst things we can do during a rough time is to allow our ego overcloud our judgment. Egos do not do any of us good. Marriage leaves us vulnerable to the ones we love, we want to feel safe with our significant other. No one wants to be married to someone who rubs their insecurities or fear on their faces each chance they get. To communicate during a difficult time in the marriage, we have to learn to let go of our ego and be there for our partners when they need us.

Understand that you are partner is your teammate

Once you see your significant other as your teammate, it offers a clear perspective of your relationship with them. it makes you realize that you are both in this together and you need to find a lasting solution to the problem you are facing. No one is the winner or the loser, you are both working for the greater good. Your future is both in your hands, so you have to face your conflict head-on together and find your sweet spot again. You cannot give up on them.

Another means to help communicate during a difficult time in marriage is to seek help from a trusted individual. Most couples visit a marriage counselor, or a therapist, or a religious leader. It means you are willing to make things work. Having an outsider’s perspective can help you break the thick walls of silence, and give both of you room to table your thoughts.

I hope this helps! Let me know helpful tips that work for you during a rough patch with your spouse in the comment section below.