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How to Love Your Body Now

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Hey One Sexy Wife: I have a confession.

I am no different than some of you.

I know you know that, but let me tell you…I have gained some weight since I was in a car accident in 2017 and unable to exercise as I would like.

I adjusted my diet, but I still had some weight gain as a side effect of some of the medicines given to me before and after hip surgery and are still taking. 

I have been mad about someone hitting me and…well, not ruining my life but introducing something that I wasn’t trying to deal with – body image and self-esteem. 

Who wants to deal with these issues, right? I see many of you sharing your weight goals, going to the gym and I see some of you frustrated, making excuses and even giving your spouse grief because he is supposed to love you no matter what.

Yes, I hear you, but I also know that how you view yourself matters and beating up on yourself or having a poor body image is not sexy.

Today’s article is about how to love the body you have right now. 




How to Love Your Body Now

The issue of body image is trending in the news. People are weighing in on pop singer Lizzo’s body on every talk show. Some people are applauding her, while some are criticizing her.

Regardless of your feelings about Lizzo, I know the discussion of body image can strike a nerve with any woman, any size. We, as women, are our worst critics and we tend to want anybody to shaping other than the one we have.

Here are some tips for you to incorporate so that you can feel better in the skin you’re in now. Love your body now! 

  1. Ignore the magazines. The people on the covers of magazines are literally one in a million. Most of us don’t play professional sports, have a billion dollars, or invented a revolutionary concept that changed the culture. It’s doubtful you’ve ever even met someone capable of being a model by today’s standards. Have reasonable expectations.
  2. Focus on a weight that feels good. You might think you look better at lower body weight, but if you feel terrible, who cares? Choose the healthiest body weight that also feels good to you. And I am sure it would help if you did BEFORE you were under pressure like needing to lose weight to fit into a dress for the class reunion. Take the pressure off and just start.
  3. Focus on what you CAN do. Being able to walk and play the violin is a lot more impressive and meaningful than the ability to do 20 pull-ups. No one has a body that’s perfect for every activity. Start with low impact exercises. Make sure you warm-up and cool down before you exercise. And 15 minutes a day will make a big difference. Build an hour-long workout or working with a personal trainer.
  4. Identify your best three physical features. Take a look in the mirror and find a few things you like. Write them down. Put this list where you’ll see it often. Remind yourself of these features each day.
  5. Be active. Physical activity feels good on multiple levels. Research shows that those who exercise have a more positive body image than those who don’t. Get moving and notice how much better you feel about yourself.
  6. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others usually results in unfair feelings about yourself. Everyone’s body is simply different. No one body shape is any “better” than another.
  7. Avoid checking your body. It’s common to put all your attention on what you feel is your worst body part. Cut down the number of times you check a specific body part in the mirror each day. You have more important things to do.
  8. Meditation. If you find yourself obsessing about your body, meditation can help to clear your mind and allow you to refocus. A few minutes of meditation can make a big difference.
  9.  Try affirmations. Instead of saying negative things to yourself, say something positive instead. Keep positive thoughts in your head and you’ll feel better about your body and yourself.
  10. Be respectful of your body. If you treat your body respectfully, you’ll think more highly of yourself. This means eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly. Treat your body like it matters. You can’t live without it.

A negative body image can affect people of all ages. While this occurs more commonly in females, males can also suffer from this significant challenge.

Remember: everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy body image, including you!

Be appreciative of the body you have. You have every reason to love your body. After all, where would you be without it?

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