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How To Maintain A Healthy Sex Life

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Create a fantasy first in your mind.

What IS a healthy sex life? A healthy sex life combines physical and emotional well-being of both partners into an enjoyable experience. For couples that are looking to maintain a healthy sex life, you need to know that it takes some effort and creativity. The results are definitely worth your while. Here are a few tips to keep your sex life exciting and fresh.

Learn the art of foreplay

Schedule SEX just like you schedule everything else in your life. You don’t miss your hair or nail appointments! So, don’t miss getting your SEX on either. And stop judging yourself for needing to schedule sex. Think of it as making your sex life a priority.

Have sex for the health of it. Besides relieving stress and increasing endorphins, having a healthy sex life can extend your life. According to research recorded in Psychology Today, a sexually active group of seniors lived longer than the group of seniors who had sex once a month or less. Also, having sex frequently helps to relieve stress.

Try a new sex position often. There are 245 sex positions that you can try! Why just stick with the same old 1 or 2!!! Changing positions can add excitement and allows your body and your mate’s body to experience something new each and every time!

Learn the art of Foreplay. Foreplay has become so underrated in our hurry-up, rush-rush society. But foreplay is the catalyst for allowing your body to relax and receive pleasure. Not only should you make time for foreplay but you need to make time to give it. This will ensure that you and your mate are both satisfied.

Create a fantasy first in your mind. The role of the mind is often downplayed when it comes to great sex. To maintain a healthy sex life, you need a sexy mind, an active fantasy life. When you got the fantasy vivid in your mind, then share it with your mate. In great detail. They may not be able to finish work that day because the anticipation is high and the natural juices will be flowing.

Step outside of yourself. Now there is nothing wrong with you, but as the old saying goes – variety is the spice of life. If you usually are active in the bedroom, try the living room, den or even the laundry room. Do you usually wait until night time right before bed to get your sex on? Try meeting your spouse in the garage before they even get in the house. This will help you both become someone else, expand your sexual appetite.


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Gail Crowder, Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage & Life Coach