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Love: 25 Intentional Acts of Kindness

Kindness is one of the best ways to share God’s love and grace. When we strive to live a life of kindness we are rewarded with happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Here are some great tips to get you started on a path of kindness.

    1. Start at home. Strive to always be kind to those who you live with day to day. Going out of your way to be kind to your relatives is a true sign of great character.
    2. Always smile and look the people who are serving you, rather in a retail store, a waitress or at the hotel front desk, in the eyes.
    3. Compliment someone out-loud when you think it in your head. How many times have you given someone a compliment in your mind but never shared it with the person?
    4. Always speak the truth. People will appreciate you for being genuine and perceive you as someone who can be trusted.
    5. Sarcasm is definitely a silent killer. Avoid it altogether especially when dealing with people you do not have a personal relationship with. It may leave them feeling cold.
    6. Go the extra mile! Whenever you have the opportunity to do a little extra, strive to do it.
    7. Hold the door- always! It is never appropriate to let a door close on someone’s face.
    8. Send a thank you card when you want someone to know how much you appreciate them. Electronic cards are quick and easy.

helping a friend with his injury

  1. Gift(s) for no particular reason is always pleasant to receive. They do not have to be costly to be impactful.
  2. Offer to help whenever it is feasible. Most people will not ask for help even if they need it.
  3. Don’t allow anyone to “take” advantage of you, simply strive to “give” them the advantage. When you make it clear that you’re giving them the advantage and you are at peace with it, your kindness will shine brightly.
  4. Be confident enough in who you are and what you stand for and respect the same attitude in others.
  5. Become a CEO, Chief Encouraging Officer. Encourage the people in your life and let them know how much you believe in them.
  6. SPOA: Seek Positive Outcomes Always. Make this a genuine intention and your kindness will flourish.
  7. Be firm yet flexible, have an opinion but don’t allow your opinions to have their way with you.
  8. Send a “thinking of you text” to those who you do not speak with regularly.
  9. Be passionate about the trials of others. While it is not appropriate to take on other’s burdens, showing passion about their victory may guide them to the light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, especially when you do not have any solid reason not to.
  11. If you have it to give, give it freely. If you do not have it, do not give it.
  12. Apologize when you’re wrong and do not fall into a pit of arrogance when you’re right. After a while, the pit becomes dark and lonely.
  13. Strive for excellence in all that you do. Excellence breeds kindness and is perceived as favorable by all.
  14. Set out to be a blessing. Seek opportunities to assist someone in achieving something great. God will honor your investment in them.
  15. Be on time. Everyone appreciates a timely person. Being timely is a demonstration of the other person’s worth. When you’re on time you convey to the person(s) you’re meeting that they are important.
  16. When in doubt, ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”
  17. Never take yourself too seriously. This trait is penetrating and allows others to be comfortable while being in your presence.

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