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Do you recognize yourself or your spouse in any of these statements?
● We just can’t seem to communicate anymore.
● My spouse has had an affair and I just can’t get over it.
● I am sick of the misunderstanding, hurt, and pain.
● All we ever do is argue, fight, and never get anywhere.
● Things just aren’t the same since the baby arrived. I feel lonely and alone.
● Since we had kids, we have forgotten about ‘us’. It’s like we are living separate lives
● We have lost the spark –HELP! There is no sex or romance. Can we ever get it back again?
● I just don’t know what to do anymore.

You may be in tears while reading this but you're NOT alone.

Betrayal, hurt, shock and anguish are common when affairs are discovered.

This is a painful time but help is at hand.

Find out HOW you can move forward into being the couple you love and admire, desiring each other, caring, emotionally connected, and committed.

Free yourself from the worries of the past and resolve your relationship problems now. Let your family and friends see a couple that live, love, and stay together through the toughest times.
Dr Gail Crowder Marriage and Relationship Coaching

On The Brink! How To Successfully Rebound From A Troubled Marriage


October 15, 2022 from 10:00am- 12:30PM EST

In this Workshop you will Learn:

➔ Pinpoint How You Got To Your Breaking Point In Your Marriage
➔ How To Look At Your Marriage and Situation From A Different Viewpoint
➔ Why The Grass Is NOT Greener On The Single Side
➔ My 5 Step Process To Recover From Being On The Brink

About the Host:

Dr. Gail Crowder is a Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life Coach. She'll help you identify the critical steps you need to start taking NOW to rebound from a troubled marriage and successfully recover from being on the brink, mentally and emotionally.

Break Free From the Rut and Get Out of the Trenches!

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