Gail Crowder

Intimacy, Love & Sex 8-Week Coaching Program


Sexual boredom, lack of passion, and communication difficulties are just a few of the things that drive the lack of Intimacy, Love & Sex. Relationships are shaped by more than unresolved childhood issues, past “wounds,” or unresolved family problems. Emotionally committed relationships become contentious because these growth processes surface in sexual interactions and in other intimate situations if not dealt with.
Marital problems are not simply situational difficulties to be avoided. Going through these dilemmas makes us capable of deep intimacy, profound desire, and meaningful sex. Unsolvable conflicts and sexual difficulties are midpoints in a healthy relationship, rather than signs of personal inadequacy, incompatibility, or falling out of love.

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Sex and intimacy are not the same.
You can have sex without intimacy, and intimacy without sex.
Ideally, you have both in your relationship

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