Gail Crowder

The One Sexy Wife Virtual Conference


For a few hours on January 26, 2019 you will learn what it took me almost 30 years to learn and what I have taught hundreds of women over the years.


The One Sexy Wife Virtual Conference: How to Keep Intimacy Love and Sex at the Heart of Your Marriage!
FREE virtual conference

Topics in this FREE virtual conference:

Workshop #1 Can I be SEXY and still have it ALL?
You have a life passion. A marriage. A family. AND you have a desire for great sex, romance and intimacy, right? No, your expectations aren’t unrealistic, and this workshop/class will support and guide you to having it ALL. Being honest with yourself is the first step taught here and how this honest look at you is going to transform every aspect of your life.

Workshop #2 Understanding your husband’s DNA.
God knew this man was going to be your man before you did. And God has also prepared you to have EVERYTHING that your husband needs. In this class, you will learn to tap into what God put in you so that your marriage can thrive as his wife, lover and friend!

Workshop #3: Submissive Is Sexy! Turn on Your SWAG!
Have you ever heard someone say to you, Girl You Got Swag!? Probably not. LOL! Most of the time we hear swag describing men, but in this workshop I will breakdown SWAG (which stands for Submissive Wife Adorned by God) and how and when to turn your swag on. And how to keep that fire burning in your marriage.

Date: January 26,2019
Time: 10:00am-2:30pm
Location: Comfort of your home computer
Investment: FREE but you must register!

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