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Sex and Pain Part 2 How To Deal With Mental Pain In Marriage.

Sex is a matter of mind

We often think of sex as something our bodies are doing, but a lot of our sex life takes place in our brains. It’s important to realize. Our thoughts and feelings play a vital role in getting us turned on and keeping us that way.

20 Things That Can Keep You From Wanting To Have SEX!

  1. Anxiety
  2.  Depression
  3. Unforgiveness
  4. Low Self Esteem
  5. Infidelity
  6. Children (postpartum)
  7. Marital problems
  8. Financial Issues
  9. Being Thoughtless
  10. Forgetfulness
  11. Insensitivity
  12. Unkindness
  13. Hurtful Teasing
  14. Selfishness
  15. Controlling
  16. Silent Treatment
  17. Ignoring You
  18. Unresolved Inlaws issues 
  19. Putting Others First
  20. Lack Of Intimacy 

How To Deal With Mentally Letting Go and Enjoying Sex Again 

  1. Find Out the Root Cause of what is keeping you mentally checkout
  2. Find a way to talk with your spouse about your true feelings
  3. Try to come up with coping mechanisms that work for you
  4. Include your spouse in your healing (put things in place together)
  5. Choose to forgive
  6. focusing on sharing different types of pleasure and intimacy with your husband. These can include back rubs, intimate massage, tickling, hugging, synchronized breathing or just holding each other while naked.
  7. Set the stage for Romance
  8. Become confident in who you are and what you bring to the marriage 
  9. Ask God into your marital bed
  10. Seek Help

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