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Dead Bedroom Male

Are you or your spouse guilty of staying up late scrolling social media to avoid intimacy?

Do you or your spouse pretend to be asleep, just to avoid having sex?

You’re not alone: Approximately 1 in 10 women experiences a decrease in her sex drive at some point in her life. The phenomenon of reduced sexual activity especially in married couples is very common, with a high estimate being 1 out of 3 couples and a low estimate at one out of seven couples.

But that shouldn’t make you give up on having a great sex life with your spouse!

Intimacy is key to having a healthy, functional, and overall happy relationship. Intimacy breaks down when couples don’t talk about their sex life or put their sex life FIRST.

It’s important to pay attention to how you and your spouse are relating to one another in and out of the bedroom. If your marriage is solid and it’s just your intimate life that’s lacking, Dr. Gail Crowder can help rejuvenate your SEX life and your marriage!

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About the Host:

Dr. Gail Crowder is a Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life Coach. She'll help you identify the critical steps you need to start taking NOW to rebound from a troubled marriage and successfully recover from being on the brink, mentally and emotionally.



April 9, 2022 from 10:00am- 12:30M EST

In this Workshop you will Learn:

➔ The Root Causes that lead to a Sexless Marriage

➔ Why a Sexless Marriage is NOT Healthy for You Physically or Mentally

➔ 5 Proven Steps to go from Roommates to SEXUAL BLISS

➔ How to have that difficult conversation with your Spouse about how You feel about being in a Roommates relationship.


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