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Isn’t it true that your emotions really take a knock when your heart is aching?

Sometimes it feels like the day of healing is a million miles away. The difficult time you encountered in the past

can take a while to be purged from your system. It's definitely healthy to experience a range of emotions.

However, it's unwise to have the negative ones consume your existence. You're better off working towards

healing the hurt. That way, you can start to experience joy and happiness again.

Emotional healing is possible if you work at repairing the source of the hurt. That may mean making some tough decisions.

Do you want to find freedom from wounds that still hurt in your life or marriage? Do you long to find peace in the middle of your hurt?

  With the Surrender Your Baggage: And Find Inner Peace mini workshop, you’ll discover how to courageously

seek healing, forgive others, and discover the joyful, strong woman you already are. 

Life & Marriage comes with ups and downs, which may take their toll on our emotional and physical health.

  It’s time to change that!

Join Dr. Gail For A 4-Hour Workshop Created Exclusively For You!

About the Host:

Dr. Gail Crowder is a Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life Coach. She'll help you identify the critical steps you need to start taking NOW to rebound from a troubled marriage and successfully recover from being on the brink, mentally and emotionally.



June 18, 2022 from 10:00am- 2:00M EST

In this Workshop you will Learn:

➔   It’s Time To Own Your Baggage

➔   Create  a Picture of What Inner Peace Is For You

➔   Who Do You Need To Forgive?

➔   Find Healing After Pain

➔   What Healing Path Will Work For You?

➔   Tips For Releasing Your Baggage

➔   Transform Your Life By Releasing Your Baggage

“Are You Ready to Set Yourself Free from Your Baggage?” And Find Inner Peace

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