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The Truth About Your Vagina Health

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The overall health of your vagina is important regardless of your level of sexual activity.

However, many women do not think about their vagina’s aside from specific reproductive or sexual health concerns. This blog post will provide information to women regardless of sexual activity.

My concern is that every woman should know about vaginal health. For a quick read check out my best selling book, Keep Your Legs Open a Wives Guide To a Womens Sexual Health. It had tons of illustrations and tips and tools.

The vagina and surrounding vulva are quite resilient but do require some special care. When showering or bathing, avoid using harsh soaps on the vulva, as these are alkaline and can upset the normal pH balance. Simply cleaning with water is sufficient. If you like, use a gentle soap VBar which is an amazing bar made just for the vaginal area or if you are looking for something that you can pick up at your local store Dove sensitive is your best choice.

Be sure to clean the areas around and between the labia majora and labia minora but do not use soap or cleansers inside the vagina itself or around the vaginal and urethral openings, as this can be irritating and can set the stage for infection. It is important to keep the vulvar area clean, cool, and dry, and to avoid upsetting the normal balance of the vagina.

• Avoid tight-fitting clothing.
• Choose cotton underwear.
• Wear only loose-fitting “boxers” or pajamas, and no underwear at night.
• Do not use “feminine hygiene” sprays, douches, or deodorants.
• Change out of wet swimsuits or sweaty workout clothing as soon as possible.
• Change pads and tampons regularly.
• Only use pads or pantiliners when you have your period; they are not for everyday use, as they keep warmth and moisture close to the body.
• Wipe from front to back after a bowel movement (from your urethra toward your anus).
• Shower or bathe regularly; encourage sexual partners to do the same.
• If sexually-active, use a new condom any time you switch from one area of penetration to another (oral, anal, or vaginal)

Lubrication plays an essential role in facilitating safe and comfortable vaginal penetration, as it helps prevent irritation, chafing, or breakage of the skin around the labia and vagina. Vaginal lubrication may occur spontaneously with sexual arousal but often it is not sufficient for penetrative sex. To reduce friction, increase pleasure, and avoid trauma to the skin and vaginal tissues, the use of a lubricant is recommended.

Lube is very helpful when engaging in intercourse at all times especially as we mature, and is important for safer anal sex, as that area of the body does not lubricate naturally. Do not use oil-based products (e.g., Vaseline) as they damage latex condoms and may contribute to infections.

Many different types of lubricants are available on the market. Here are some of my recommendations:

Sliquid Organics

Just Like Me – Original
Pure Romance by Heather Pillow


Investing in a GREAT lube might cost you a little more upfront but your pleasure and vagina will thank you later!

Here’s to a Happy Healthy Vagina!