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Three E-Books for the One Sexy Wife

Three Ebooks for the One Sexy Wife

Hello, Beautiful Lady!

As part of my commitment to help One Sexy Wives, I am announcing the release of my three new e-books!

I am so excited to share all of them with you. These e-books cover important issues impacting today’s wives like growing in personal confidence, rebuilding trust after infidelity and developing a wealthy mindset. 

Here are the latest titles that I know you will love reading.


GAIL CROWDER E-BOOK #1: Stepping Into Your Confidence- Slaying Your Mirror

Stepping Into Your Confidence- Slaying Your Mirror


One of the most important factors that shape a woman’s sense of fulfillment and the ability to achieve what she wants in life is her confidence. Agree?

And yet a lack of confidence is the number one complaint I hear from the women I work with as a Certified Marriage and Intimacy Coach!

Lack of confidence holds women back from creating healthy relationships with their husband’s family, friends, and from achieving the success they desire at work and feeling empowered to create positive and uplifting experiences for themselves.

Let this e-book guide you to get the confidence that you need. Make that person in the mirror smile back at you and say, “You’re slaying it!”

Get the “Stepping Into Your Confidence- Slaying Your Mirror” here.


GAIL CROWDER E-BOOK #2: Life After Infidelity

Life After Infidelity

Your spouse has wronged you in the most hurtful way a lover can possibly fathom: Betrayal.

The fact that your spouse has been unfaithful is never easy to accept. It’s an especially tough pill to swallow if you were under the impression that your relationship was better than ever.

There are two aspects to acceptance: mental and emotional. Both are equally important in overcoming the effects of infidelity. In this e-book, you will learn tools and techniques to help you deal with the effects of infidelity in your marriage.

Get “Life After Infidelity” here.


GAIL CROWDER E-BOOK #3: The Mindset of A Wealthy Wife

The Mindset of A Wealthy Wife

Have you ever wondered how a rich person was able to accumulate so much money?

Perhaps you’ve taken notice of a poor person and found it perplexing, or even upsetting, that he just didn’t have any money no matter how hard he worked.

What determines who will be rich and who will be poor? The reality is that your money mindset helps you determine whether you’ll be rich or poor.

This e-book addresses the differences between the mindsets of rich and poor people when it comes to money. Each section explores a specific way of thinking about money and the widely contrasting views taken by the rich and poor. You’ll be enlightened about how you can alter what you think, feel, and believe about money in order to “think rich.”

Get “The Mindset of A Wealthy Wife” here.




Which among these are you looking forward to reading? Have fun learning, One Sexy Wife!